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When you have your tires installed at Freedom Cycle Las Vegas you can count on your tires being installed by a trained qualified Motorcycle Technician.


Up front fair pricing. We charge a reasonable and highly competitive price for tire installations.Heidenau KC60 Scout You’ll always know the full price before we begin work.

Thank you for making us your local dealership and trusting in us. As motorcyclist ourselves we know what this means and strive to always provide the best pricing and service available anywhere.Dunlop Trailmax TR91



Dunlop Motorcycle Tires are considered by many to be one of the top if not the best motorcycle tires available. They are the ONLY Motorcycle Tire Company with a manufacturing facility in the USA.Dunlop Elite II mu90hb16 Each motorcycle tire made in their Buffalo NY plant is hand checked by a worker specializing in only six tire designs and then double checked by a sophisticated computer analysis at full load, max PSI and at highway speed. When you choose a Dunlop Tire you are choosing a tire that is mostly handmade by US workers in a process that takes on average two hours and twenty minutes per tire. Every tire is designed and built with pride and it shows in the numerous awards and race championships Dunlop has acquired.

Popular Dunlop Motorcycle Tire’s: Elite II 491′s MU90HB16 road tire, TR91 Trailmax Adventure 70/30 tire, Sportmax Q2 sportbike tire.


The hottest adventure tire in Europe is stating to make waves in the U.S. The K60 Scout received the “Alps Tourer Recommendation of the Year.” The K60 has been getting rave reviews on mileage and handling with Adventure riders. It is the Adventure tire of choice for our staff on their Tiger 800XC’s and Explorers.

The K60 Scout’s tread pattern with the large blocks is designed for high mileage and excellent performance on or off road. A new design to the tread pattern and carcass along the center makes this tire stand out with excellent millage performance. The new tread pattern also delivers better cornering stability on or off road and wet weather grip on the pavement.

Popular Heidenau Motorcycle Tires: K60 Scout


Since 1892 Metzeler has been a motorcycle specific manufacture and their history goes hand in hand with the history of the motorcycle. The people at Metzeler are enthusiastic motorcycle riders themselves. This means that they know the real needs, the expectations and the request of the riders. They keep this in mind when we are working to fulfil the needs of the real motorcyclist. Metzeler has manufactured motorcycle tyres since 1892 From the use of new materials and the development of innovative tread designs, to the introduction of advanced rubber compounds, the Metzeler has always been at the forefront of technical development.

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