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Flying Tire Custom Baggers was born out of our owner's frustration with bad service, long waits, and high prices in the motorcycle industry. What started out as a logo on a plastic cup has now turned into a popular motorcycle shop known for its custom parts and quality services.Something New
There's nothing new when it comes to changing motorcycle tires and oil. The only thing missing was service, which is exactly what we have. Flying Tire Custom Baggers was created to serve bikers with discounts on custom motorcycle parts and professional maintenance.

Where else can you go and have your tires mounted and balanced within 1 hour or at least on the same day? We back our quick lube service with the guarantee that your service is free if it is not fast enough.

Save Money
Changing the oil for your Harley is an expensive, time-consuming process that includes $49.95 just for your oil and filter. You can spend 2 hours toiling away underneath your bike, or you can bring it to us for fast, affordable oil changes.

We buy quality products in bulk and offer more budget-friendly service to help you save on oil changes. The best part is that you're out the door in 15 minutes! Our commitment to quality for oil changes holds true with our custom accessories, exhaust, chrome, and bolt-on applications.

2007-07-23 11:02:49 by SunnyvaleDogOwner

New used bike feels inefficient

I'm pretty new to biking (got into it after a motorcycle accident). My first bike was a used Trek 1000. It was stolen. I then bought a used Kona Jake the Snake.
My question: I feel like I'm putting in a lot more effort for less return on my JTS than I was on the Trek.
I'm adding toe clips tonight, and I'll see if that helps.
The only other cause I can think of is the cyclocross tires on the JKS, Conti Top Touring, vs. the gatorskins that were on my Trek.
Could the tires alone be making me feel like my JTS is less efficient than the Trek? Any other things I should look at?

Bridgestone Bridgestone BATTLAX BT-023 Sport/Touring Rear Motorcycle Tire 160/60-17
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Bridgestone)
  • Full spec sport touring radial offering consistent performance between touring and sport riding
  • New tread pattern and rubber compound deliver long mileage, high level of wet performance, comfortable ride and good grip
  • 3LC dual compound technology for rear tire provides good stability and wear life in center and strong grip and bump absorption in shoulder of tire
  • Silica plus RC polymer assists silica effect and controls rubber properties enhances wet wear life

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    • If your scooter tires are tubeless, and you dont have spokes, then yes, but it may affect the handling of the scooter, and not necessarily for the better. It may make it harder to control because they are different shaped tires.

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    • Take a look at Toyo tires they make a model called Spectrum which carries a 65k mileage warranty as well as a 500 mile or 45 day trial offer. Also, check with the dealer you purchase your Toyo s from and ask if they have nitrogen to fill your tires with. Nitrogen filled tires run cooler and there for use less energy