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Suzuki Weaves In and Out

Japan's fourth largest automobile maker didn't get its start with cars. Suzuki started in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, founded by Michio Suzuki who invented a new type of weaving machine. The looms were successful but Suzuki looked at expanding and based on customer demand started with the car in 1937. Several years later, several compact prototype cars were done.

World War II put a halt to car manufacturing and afterwards Suzuki went back to making looms. The cotton market collapsed in 1951 so Suzuki once again thought about cars. However, Japan needed affordable and reliable transportation. A "clip-on" gas powered engine attached to bicycles emerged as the preferred choice and in 1952 Suzuki sold the Power Free, a 36cc, one horsepower, two-stroke engine. Its ingenuity allowed the rider to pedal with engine assistance, pedal without the engine or run completely no engine power. Suzuki won a financial subsidy from the Japanese government and the Suzuki Motor Corporation was born.

Suzuki found success and in 1954 manufactured 6, 000 motorcycles a month. Those early motorcycles were all two-stroke engines. It wasn't until 1976 that Suzuki introduced the company's first four-stroke bikes with the GS400 and GS 750. Racing championships naturally followed. Suzuki starred in 1970 becoming the first Japanese manufacturer to win a motocross championship with the 250cc title. Also that decade, Suzuki won the 500cc division in road racing and motocross. In 1979, Suzuki swept the podium at the AMA Superbike Daytona 100-mile.

In the following years and decades Suzuki racked up more championships and offered a variety of motorcycle styles, sizes and types. Today, Suzuki's motorcycle line includes cruisers, dual-sport, off-road, motocross, street and sport bikes.

Suzuki OEM Parts

MotoSport's collection of Suzuki OEM parts extends back to 1968 and covers every year since. Need carburetor parts for a 150S322? Or how about a clutch for the GS1000 series from 1978 to 1982? MotoSport carries the Suzuki OEM parts you need when only genuine parts will do.

Our Suzuki OEM parts for motorcycles come direct from the factory to keep your ride in stock form and quality. Suzuki OEM parts provide the stock look and perfect fit every time. MotoSport helps you find the Suzuki motorcycle parts you need, from the stock OEM bolt to a perfect color matched fender. Next time you take your motorcycle past the limits, check out our Suzuki OEM parts.

We have OEM schematics to ensure you get the right part quick and easy. Couple that with our low prices and you can see why more and more motorcycle owners make MotoSport their one stop for all Suzuki motorcycle parts and accessories.

2007-05-31 12:19:00 by germz

Motorcycle Tires

(1) Motorcycle Factory Recommendations:
Your manufacturer will 'spec' a particular tire and tire inflation [psi] for your MC. Consult MOM, placard on the bike, factory service manual, or call dealership/factory.
My front tire indicates 36psi max; factory specs 21psi. 15,000 miles @ 21psi on that tire - still working.
(2) Tire Factory Recommendation:
Again, tire manufacturer will spec particular tires for MC. Most manufacturer's websites allow you to input make/model/year and provide a suggested tire. Tires rated for speed & max cold psi @ load.

2007-05-20 22:24:52 by germz

Duals, Sports, Cruisers, This Forum...

A short time before the OP here, there was another thread that dealt with dual sports.
Why create a new thread and clutter the forum - unless baiting?
And then, as you noticed, the redundant OP generated dumb responses. I say "dumb" because they betray something more than a lack of knowledge about dual sports: they indicate a lack of logic, or a maliciousness of character.
"...I certainly didn't like how they felt on the road. Knobbies must have a short life span on the road,"
If you don't like "knobbies," why not put different tires on your motorcycle? Right?

2002-12-24 18:55:45 by d

From snow covered New Mexico

Thought you'd enjoy this its pretty funny. I got it from a friend in Seattle who's a bit of an imp.
Subject: Parking Ticket
I went to the store last night, and I was in there for
only about 5 minutes. When I came out there was a damn
motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket. So I went up
to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about
giving a girl a break?"
He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I
called him a pencil necked Nazi. He glared at me and
started writing another ticket for my car having worn
tires! So I called him a piece of horse s**t

2007-09-02 19:37:29 by JAMeCK-Engineering

Watch for Waves on 520

I remember crossing I-90 during heavier waves and having one crash up against the bridge and spray onto the deck. That was in a car. I can only imagine what it might be like on a motorcycle.
In general, the weather around here doesn't get too nasty for a motorcycle (depending on your tolerance for cold and wet). That is, over here it will rain and be cold, while the east side of the mountains will tend to get more ice and snow during the winter. That's one reason why people have such a bad time driving when it does snow - they don't remember how to do it.
I tend to watch channel 13 in the morning

2006-05-02 00:33:32 by Frank1234

Don't do it for the money

You will probably not save money by getting a motorcycle for commuting, especially if you get a motorcycle IN ADDITION to your car.
Tires wear out much more quickly, especially the rear, and can be pricey. Maintenance, insurance, gear (which you SHOULD wear!), helmet, extras (farkels), modifications, license, etc. etc.
That said, with an 80-mile commute, I save about 4 gallons per day I commute by bike x $3.10 = $12 per day. On the whole, I presume I spend more than if I never got a motorcycle and drove my minivan. You also have some concerns: does it rain (YES, you can ride in the rain, but with proper gear)? Snow? Ice? Do you have a secure place to parK? Do you need to carry more than you can on a bike?
But on the bike, I enjoy the ride to work, usually get there quicker,...

Kenda Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire - 170/80H-15
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Kenda)
  • DOT approved, H-rated for speeds belted up to 130mph.
  • 6-ply rated, tubeless construction for sport, touring, and cruiser bikes.
  • Deep offset tread sips proved for excellent water dispersion and wet weather traction.
  • Stiff sidewall provides better performance and handling.
  • Wide contact patch for superior traction and increased mileage.
Testors Suzuki GSX-R100
Hobby (Testors)
  • 1:12 scale pre-painted metal model kit
  • Skill level #1 - for ages 8+
  • Opening doors, poseable steering, real rubber tires
Pair of Air Valve Stem Mud Guards Tire Tube Motorcycle Wheel Rim Honda Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki CRF CR YZ KX Red
Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • 1 New Pair Of Outlaw Racing Valve Stem Mud Guards Red
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