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2009-07-23 09:39:13 by TwstdSistr

Looking for motorcycle maintenance

I have a 99 Honda Magna and I need to get my front forks & both tires replaced. The forks are leaking and my front tire shows cracks on the side walls. I've had it parked for over 2 months and I'm ready to have it back in motion. Does anyone know anyone who can do this type of work or should I just take it to Honda of Tulsa?

2009-05-06 10:09:51 by thumpinelse

Another reason for more than one

I find myself riding like there is no tomorrow when on my sub 300# Thumper. Full throttle acceleration out of the corners, 70-80 mph, making noise (intake howl anyway)
On the CBR, I venture into the triple digit territory when I have a clear shot up the road, I use up the tires but have a lot more reverence for the bike. It deserves it, I don't think I have ever full throttled it out of a corner (I'm not into wheelies-anymore)Maybe because it makes me feel like a rolling citation- I take it easier than I might.
After a short ride the other day with honda-shadow-rider, I can see where riding a cruiser might slow me down & be good for cruising the speed limit?
Next on the list is the Dual purpose

2012-01-02 16:24:11 by tensleeplake

Tire question

I ride a 2008 Honda Nighthawk and need a rear tire. The front is ok but the back is shot, so I have a couple of questions (I am ready for the snarky comments, but have also found truly helpful people on this site).
1. Is it normal for the front tire to wear better than the back because of weight distribution?
2. Can any tire take a tube or do I need a specific tire?
3. Can anyone recommend an online site for tires (I have searched and only found a few tires in the proper size 120/90-16)
4. Are there any markings on motorcycle tire that indicate expected tread wear?

2008-03-10 09:38:49 by yesorno

Honda rebel 250, not working, $500

There's a honda rebel
1985, 7K miles, 250cc
tires are low on the tread
has been sitting for 3 years non operating
dent on tank
missing light signal, other one is broken
battery isn't running good enough to start the motorcycle, but it can honk
honda says it would run about $700 to get new tires and clean our the carb and all. do i really have to do all this or can i just buy the bike, put in a battery and go?
how much does something like this go for?

2010-06-25 08:41:51 by stsarah

A motorcycle's value is determined by

The rider, the buyer. Quality components improve the riding experience. The investment is worthwhile if the rider enjoys the machine and it suits their needs at that time.
Besides, your life is riding on your tires. They are always a worthwhile investment. Tires could range from $100 - $500 for that bike, hardly "approaching the value of the bike" even if you were going by NADA or KBB.
Suggested Retail Value $2,110

Razor Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
Sports (Razor)
  • Scaled-down electric motocross bike with powerful 500-watt electric motor
  • Carries riders at speeds of up to 17 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry
  • Dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride
  • Large pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer; retractable kickstand
  • Recommended for ages 14 and older (175-pound weight limit); 90-day warranty
Orange Electronic Orange Electronic P409S Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Orange Electronic)
  • Includes a Lithium-ion battery
  • Projected 5 to 7-year battery life
  • Ergonomic Design that displays tire pressure
  • Designed for vehicles that did not come with a factory tire pressure monitoring kit
Carlisle Turf Saver 16x6.50-8 NHS 2 Ply
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Carlisle)
  • Carlisle 16x6.5-8 Turf Saver 2-ply Tire
Heli-Coil Helicoil 5334-14 Save-A-Thread Thread Repair Kit M14 x 1.25
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Heli-Coil)
  • The only thread repair product that can be used to repair both taper seat and gasket type spark plug assemblies
  • Three insert lengths are available to accommodate all spark plug reaches
  • Positive mechanical locking feature means the insert will never come out
  • The piloted reamer tap means no drilling is necessary and perfect alignment of the tapped hole

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