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Meltzer’s mission is to constantly develop state-of -art technological products aimed to answer motorcycle riders' needs and expectations. The awareness of these needs encourages them to be focused on them and their desires. Metzeler has been producing tires for two-wheel vehicles since 1892, and its history goes hand in hand with the history of motorcycles.

In 2000, Metzeler introduced the new Metzeler ME 880 in the size of 240/40 R 18 to meet the demands of tuners world wide. With a width of 243 millimeters it was the world's widest motorcycle tire. It also featured the patented 0° steel belted technology. In 2005 they introducted the ultimate Supersport tire SPORTEC M3 and the extraordinary successful Enduro F.I.M. tire MCE 6 Days Extreme, developed with World Champion Factory Teams. Further the new Lasertec for mid-sized motorcycles and pre-vintage models and the new Scooter tire FeelFree.

From the introduction of new materials to the development of innovative tread designs and compounds, the German manufacturer has always been on the leading edge for technical innovation and superior quality and performance of its tires. All these developments for the world of motorcycles, which seemed sometimes to be impossible, shows that Metzeler, with it's more than 100 years of experience in development of high quality motorcycle tires, is looking forward to a very interesting future. Metzeler for the Natural Born Biker.

Metzeler Metzeler Tire Shoe 9903-0061
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2007-04-24 17:28:11 by Netsilk

Triumph Motorcycle Deleted

I am trying to figure out why my posting was deleted. I am not a frequent poster on CL. Last item i posted, i had owned the car for 8 years and have never posted a motorcycle. I did not use html, no pictures, no reference to others and can't seem to understand from the CL terms why. The only thing i see is that I mispelled Triumph in the subject line.
thanks for your help.
Here is the posting listed under For Sale Motorcycles:
Date: 2007-04-23 20:52:19
PostID: 317618890
Title: (motorcycles/scooters) 1976 Trimph Bonneville
I just purchased a 1976 Triumph Bonneville but am having a bit of difficulty borrowing a truck to get the bike back to Virginia

2009-02-21 07:33:14 by silvergoldsmith

Check this offering on ebay out!

The lister says no one knows what it is but one of the pictures clearly shows BMW badges on the tank!
1960 Other Makes Item number: 150328123626
motorcycle with sidecar
Vehicle Description
This motorcycle is a barn find that I purchased 3 years ago. No title not even sure what it is, tires are flat and it does not start. I bought it and put it in the garage and haven't touched it since. Did email some pics around and nobody new for sure. The opinion was it might be anything from a 1940 BMW to a 1970 ural. Your guess will be better than mine

2009-03-17 08:18:40 by thumpinelse

There was

A lengthy discussion on Ebay forum also.
I don't care what anyone says.
Car tires are not designed for the same physical stresses that a motorcycle tire is.
If you don't lean or turn, (Ride an HD?)
It might be ok, but I live (literally and figuratively) by :
Your life is riding on 2 tires, make them the right ones, make them the best.
Putting a car tire on a motorcycle might work, but it's DUMB.

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    • If your scooter tires are tubeless, and you dont have spokes, then yes, but it may affect the handling of the scooter, and not necessarily for the better. It may make it harder to control because they are different shaped tires.

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    • Take a look at Toyo tires they make a model called Spectrum which carries a 65k mileage warranty as well as a 500 mile or 45 day trial offer. Also, check with the dealer you purchase your Toyo s from and ask if they have nitrogen to fill your tires with. Nitrogen filled tires run cooler and there for use less energy