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Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide Tires have come a long way from the early days of motorcycles, and there is a fair amount of technology used in the construction of modern motorcycle tires. Riders know that a good set of tires is paramount to safe and enjoyable motorcycle riding. Motorcycle tires are the key factor when it comes to steering a motorcycle and gripping the road. Tires also provide shock absorption, support the frame of the motorcycle, and carry the load created by the rider and passenger. Riders need to know when to replace their tires to ensure maximum safety and control, and riders should also learn how to care for tires to keep them in top condition. Choosing new tires for a motorcycle can be challenging, as a variety of types and sizes are available. When it is time to purchase new motorcycle tires, riders need a basic understanding of tire sizes and specifications in order to decide which type of tire is best for their motorcycle and riding circumstances.

Know When to Replace Motorcycle Tires

As motorcycle tires start to wear, the back end of the motorcycle feels loose when taking corners. Vibrations, unstable handling, tire noise, and rubbing are all indicators of potential tire problems and wear. Tires need to be inspected regularly and properly maintained to ensure a long life. Maintaining tires for maximum life involves checking tire inflation and avoiding exposure to certain elements.

Check Tread Wear

Motorcycle owners should be in the habit of checking tires for uneven wear, flat spots, punctures, and cracks before every trip. Treadwear indicators, small raised bars placed inside the treads, let riders know when the tread is worn down to approximately 0.063 inches or less. Another useful test is to place a penny upside down in one of the grooves and check to see that the tread at least touches Lincoln’s hair. The distance from the edge of the penny to the top of Lincoln’s head is about 0.063 inches, or the minimum tread amount required for a tire to be considered safe to ride on. Perform this check in several locations on the tire to test for even tread wear.

Keep Motorcycle Tires in Top Condition

Every tire has a recommended inflation level, known as psi, which refers to the pounds of air pressure per square inch inside the tire. To ensure optimum performance, tires need to be inflated to the recommended psi levels at all times. Underinflated tires can build up heat, leading to a possible blow out. Overinflated tires are more prone to punctures. Keep a tire pressure gauge handy and check tire pressure once a week. Check tires when they are cold for a more accurate reading.

Riders should avoid exposing tires to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as sunlight causes the rubber to harden more quickly. Store the motorcycle in a garage or another covered area, or use a heavy motorcycle cover to prevent sun damage. Keep the tire free of harsh chemicals, such as gasoline, oil, and other non-rubber compatible liquids to prevent contaminating the rubber. Wash tires only with mild soap and water. Do not use cleaners or wheel dressings, as these can adversely affect the ability of the tire to properly grip the road.

Choose the Right Motorcycle Tires

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2007-04-24 17:28:11 by Netsilk

Triumph Motorcycle Deleted

I am trying to figure out why my posting was deleted. I am not a frequent poster on CL. Last item i posted, i had owned the car for 8 years and have never posted a motorcycle. I did not use html, no pictures, no reference to others and can't seem to understand from the CL terms why. The only thing i see is that I mispelled Triumph in the subject line.
thanks for your help.
Here is the posting listed under For Sale Motorcycles:
Date: 2007-04-23 20:52:19
PostID: 317618890
Title: (motorcycles/scooters) 1976 Trimph Bonneville
I just purchased a 1976 Triumph Bonneville but am having a bit of difficulty borrowing a truck to get the bike back to Virginia

2009-02-21 07:33:14 by silvergoldsmith

Check this offering on ebay out!

The lister says no one knows what it is but one of the pictures clearly shows BMW badges on the tank!
1960 Other Makes Item number: 150328123626
motorcycle with sidecar
Vehicle Description
This motorcycle is a barn find that I purchased 3 years ago. No title not even sure what it is, tires are flat and it does not start. I bought it and put it in the garage and haven't touched it since. Did email some pics around and nobody new for sure. The opinion was it might be anything from a 1940 BMW to a 1970 ural. Your guess will be better than mine

2009-03-17 08:18:40 by thumpinelse

There was

A lengthy discussion on Ebay forum also.
I don't care what anyone says.
Car tires are not designed for the same physical stresses that a motorcycle tire is.
If you don't lean or turn, (Ride an HD?)
It might be ok, but I live (literally and figuratively) by :
Your life is riding on 2 tires, make them the right ones, make them the best.
Putting a car tire on a motorcycle might work, but it's DUMB.

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