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When should I change my tires?

The tire is the only point of contact between your machine and the road.
It’s essential to maintain the quality and performance of your tires. With this in mind, we advise you to observe the safety rules and recommendations on use.
Ignoring these recommendations may have a negative effect on vehicle performance and may also cause problems of use and faulty operation of the tire which might compromise the safety of the user and third parties.

Tires which are checked regularly last longer.

In, practice, you are advised to make a weekly check on:

  • the condition of your tires
  • the tread depths
  • any damage due to impacts or any abnormal sign of wear

and check your tire pressures twice a month.

If you are in any doubt, ask the opinion of an expert. He’ll be able to tell you whether your tires are still fit for use.

Six reasons for changing your tires

Below you’ll find six reasons for checking whether or not you need to change your tires.

Michelin does not condone or endorse the repair of any of its motorcycle tires that have suffered punctures or other damage. Michelin assumes no liability for injuries or consequential damages arising from MICHELIN® motorcycle tires that have been patched, plugged, sealed or otherwise repaired by a dealer, distributor or consumer.

Although they are very strong and capable of withstanding a lot of impacts, tires may sometimes puncture.

If your tire punctures, it must be examined by a professional mechanic. He alone can make sure that the interior of the tire has not suffered any damage.

Here are a few safety tips to follow if you suffer a flat tire out on the road:

  • Your passenger’s safety and your own is THE priority: make sure you stop your bike in a protected area well away from the road
  • Turn the engine off
  • Switch on your hazard lights
  • Put on your high-visibility jacket
  • Place your warning triangle at a distance of 100 metres back down the road from your vehicle

And remember: Your safety comes first!

How do you make a regular check on the wear of your tires? Simple.

At the top of the sidewalls on MICHELIN tires, markings in the shape of the Michelin Man indicate the location of the wear indicators. Looking like little bumps, they are located in the bottom of the main grooves

When the depth of rubber remaining gets to the level of this mark, the tire has reached the legal wear limit of 1 mm. Note: The federal regulation is 1⁄32 inch. However, some states, New York and Texas for example, have a 2⁄32-inch requirement for motorcycle tires. Check with your state's regulation to determine the legal wear limit.

Michelin strongly recommends you to change your tires even before this limit is reached.
If you go beyond this wear limit, safety, grip and performance are no longer guaranteed, particularly on wet roads. Besides this, you’re breaking the law.

Whatever the case, even with a more than 1 mm of wear left, your safety depends on adapting your speed and riding style to the external conditions, particularly on wet roads.

It’s difficult to predict how long a tire can be used. It doesn’t depend on their date of manufacture. Tires which have never been used, or just used occasionally, may show signs of aging.
Several factors may affect the service life of tires: climatic conditions, conditions of storage and use, load, speed, inflation pressure, maintenance, riding style, etc.
Each of them may alter the expected service life considerably.

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Time is money! You snooze you lose

Salesmen, pay attention, here's a customer speaking. I was a serious buyer, yet got ignored by one salesman and he probably lost the sale.
First I called my usual Honda motorcycle dealer and ordered some OEM parts, but also got quotes on tires. He didn't have much to offer and quoted me on Bridgestones, which according to my research later were the bottom of the range. Front and rear, he quoted $230 tax included.
Then I asked my mechanic for advice, he says choose other brands like Michelin and that he has a contact named so and so at another shop.

2012-02-19 14:47:46 by -

Ex-Wife Also Buys New; I Buy Used.

As part of our divorce, Ex gave me the Explorer she bought new for $35k. Although it was 5 years old, it had only 22,000 miles on it and was perfect! And Ford bought me a new set of Michelin tires to replace the original Firestones!
I've owned over 50 cars, trucks, vans & motorcycles --- only 1 new!
I NEVER PAID a DIME for them! IOW, on average I sold them for what I paid -- or MORE (3x more in one case!). Sure, I added oil, replaced batteries & tires -- routine maintenance for any car, new or used.

When my free, perfect, 24k Explorer was stolen, Insurer gave me $11k! I then bought a Honda Accord from a neighbor for $100 (still going strong after 3+ yrs, w/ 276k miles on it)!
When son was 14, he bought a motorcycle from a neighbor for $75; it had been stored...

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