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What’s the “right” tire for my bike?

First of all, the choice of a tire must comply with the law and with the fitments recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, the tire manufacturer or an official body (tire size, load and speed ratings, construction, etc.).

Next, think carefully about the way you use your vehicle (road or track, sporty or steady), as it will dictate the choice of the right tread pattern.

If the vehicle’s original equipment is modified, it’s advisable to make sure that the proposed solution is in line with current legislation, the technical constraints of the vehicle, the conditions of use and the manufacturer’s recommendations. (Refer to the regulations in force in the country).
In some countries machines modified in this way may require a permit from the authorities.

Before being fitted, every second-hand or part-worn tire must be inspected very carefully to guarantee the safety of the rider and compliance with current regulations.

Can I mix different tire ranges?

All the recommendations and advice we give apply to complete front and rear fitments of MICHELIN brand motorcycle tires of the same range.
According to the law as it stands and for technical reasons, the use of two tires of the same make and the same range is either compulsory or very strongly recommended.

Do I have to run my tires in?

Yes. When new tires are fitted, they need to be run in for the first 60 miles or so, gradually increasing the lean of the bike and keeping to a moderate speed before the tire reaches optimum performance.

Is there a particular rolling direction to be observed?

On tires for a specific Front or Rear fitment, the rolling direction is usually indicated by an arrow.
When fitting the tire on the bike this arrow must be pointing in the direction of rotation of the tire.

What is the average service life and average mileage of a tire?

Service life and average mileage depend very much on the machine, how it’s used, and the conditions in which it’s used.

MICHELIN advise that there are 7 major factors affecting the service life of a tire which should be considered:

  • some of them are very much within the rider’s control: inflation pressure, load carried, vehicle speed, riding style (braking and acceleration);
  • others are beyond the rider’ control and require him to alter the way he rides: winding roads, type of road surface, ambient temperature.

What is the rule about getting road tires up to temperature?

Each time you use your bike, you need to do a few miles at moderate speed to get the tires up to working temperature and get the best possible grip.

“Slaloming” on cold tyres is not recommended. It has no effect on warming up your tires and you may even fall off the bike.

How many heating cycles can a road tire stand on a race track?

The number of heating cycles has no impact whatsoever on a tire designed for road use as the construction, and the read in particular, is not sensitive to this effect.

What are the differences on performance between a hypersport tire and a sport touring tire?

For each type of use, there’s an appropriate balance of performance!

A hypersport tire is designed to have better dry grip performance which means better lap times when used on the track. However, its service life and wet grip are not as good as you get with a sport touring tire.

A sport touring tire will be an excellent compromise between dry grip, wet grip and long life expectancy. However, it won’t perform as well as a hypersport tire if used on the race track.

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Time is money! You snooze you lose

Salesmen, pay attention, here's a customer speaking. I was a serious buyer, yet got ignored by one salesman and he probably lost the sale.
First I called my usual Honda motorcycle dealer and ordered some OEM parts, but also got quotes on tires. He didn't have much to offer and quoted me on Bridgestones, which according to my research later were the bottom of the range. Front and rear, he quoted $230 tax included.
Then I asked my mechanic for advice, he says choose other brands like Michelin and that he has a contact named so and so at another shop.

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Ex-Wife Also Buys New; I Buy Used.

As part of our divorce, Ex gave me the Explorer she bought new for $35k. Although it was 5 years old, it had only 22,000 miles on it and was perfect! And Ford bought me a new set of Michelin tires to replace the original Firestones!
I've owned over 50 cars, trucks, vans & motorcycles --- only 1 new!
I NEVER PAID a DIME for them! IOW, on average I sold them for what I paid -- or MORE (3x more in one case!). Sure, I added oil, replaced batteries & tires -- routine maintenance for any car, new or used.

When my free, perfect, 24k Explorer was stolen, Insurer gave me $11k! I then bought a Honda Accord from a neighbor for $100 (still going strong after 3+ yrs, w/ 276k miles on it)!
When son was 14, he bought a motorcycle from a neighbor for $75; it had been stored...

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