Michelin Desert Motorcycle Tires

Michelin Desert Race Rear Tire 140 80 18 TT 70R | eBay

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Michelin Michelin Desert Racing Rear Tire - 140/80-18/--
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Michelin)
  • Tire of choice for the winner of the Paris-Dakar and nearly every major rally in the world
  • Unbeatable performance, even in the most punishing conditions and on all types of terrain
  • Resistant to impacts and cuts even at temperatures above 120 degrees F.
  • New tire tread design delivers improved handling, grip and traction and is also designed for 450cc desertoff-road bikes
  • DOT approved
2007-02-16 11:32:06 by market_forces_indeed

I Almost Took My Tire Biz To KC Today But...

I was in the market for a new set of Metzeler Z6 Roadtecs for my Ducati. I called KC because they open early but they wanted $400 for the set tires installed. Ouch.
So I did the smart thing. I got some coffee, thought about it and then rode over to that other motorcycle shop on Geary & Larkin. Got my Z6's for $329 installed all said and done. In and out in less than an hour.
Market forces at work indeed!

2007-10-29 20:20:33 by supertireguy

Any New Tire Will Be Good

All new motorcycle tires from any of the major manufacturers will be good in the wet/dry. Any recommendations of one tire over another is basically just personal preference. In other words all your choices are good choices.
* Sport Tire Options *
Avon Viper Sport
Bridgestone BT014/015
Continental Sport Attack
Dunlop Qualifier
Metzeler M3 Sportec
Michelin Pilot Power & PP2CT
Pirelli Diablo & Corsa III
* Sport-Touring Tire Options *
Avon Storm ST
Bridgestone BT021
Continental Road Attack
Metzeler Z6 Roadtec
Michelin Pilot Road & PR2CT
Pirelli Diablo Strada

Michelin Michelin T63 Dual Sport Front Tire - 90/90-21/--
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Michelin)
  • Tread pattern derived from Michelins highly successful Desert tires, for exceptional traction off road
  • Excellent stability and durability
  • High level of grip on the road
  • Reinforced knobs resist tearing and abrasion on asphalt
  • S speed rated for highway use
Michelin Michelin Bib Mousse Rear Tube - 120/90-18 83412
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Michelin)
  • Made from a multi-cellular butyl material, Bib Mousse replaces conventional tubes, providing a pressure equivalent of approximately 13 psi
  • Specifically designed for off-road competition use, at speeds up to 80 mph (130 km/h) - above this speed, heat buildup can lead to rapid destruction of the Bib Mousse...
  • Bib Mousse may be used only with Michelin off-road tires, including StarCross HP4, StarCross MS2, StarCross MH2, S12, M12, H12, Enduro Comp , EnduroStar, Baja and...
  • Each Bib Mousse includes a tube of Bib Mousse Fitting Gel; installer must be sure to follow installation instructions supplied with the product
Michelin Michelin Desert Motorcycle Tire Dual/Enduro Front 90/90-21
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Michelin)
  • 27 Dakar Rally victories since 1983
  • Exceptional durability and performance in all conditions have made Michelin Desert tires the unanimous choice of Dakar champions
  • DOT approved for road use
  • Heavy-duty construction helps withstand severe punishment, on all types of terrain. Resistant to impacts and cuts, even at high temperatures. Use with Bib Mousse®...

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