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Metzeler celebrates Garages with the 20th Metzeler Classics

Meltzer’s mission is to constantly develop state-of -art technological products aimed to answer motorcycle riders' needs and expectations. The awareness of these needs encourages them to be focused on them and their desires. Metzeler has been producing tires for two-wheel vehicles since 1892, and its history goes hand in hand with the history of motorcycles.

In 2000, Metzeler introduced the new Metzeler ME 880 in the size of 240/40 R 18 to meet the demands of tuners world wide. With a width of 243 millimeters it was the world's widest motorcycle tire. It also featured the patented 0° steel belted technology. In 2005 they introducted the ultimate Supersport tire SPORTEC M3 and the extraordinary successful Enduro F.I.M. tire MCE 6 Days Extreme, developed with World Champion Factory Teams. Further the new Lasertec for mid-sized motorcycles and pre-vintage models and the new Scooter tire FeelFree.

From the introduction of new materials to the development of innovative tread designs and compounds, the German manufacturer has always been on the leading edge for technical innovation and superior quality and performance of its tires. All these developments for the world of motorcycles, which seemed sometimes to be impossible, shows that Metzeler, with it's more than 100 years of experience in development of high quality motorcycle tires, is looking forward to a very interesting future. Metzeler for the Natural Born Biker.

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Same Size As Stock Recommended

With a few exceptions the stock tire sizes are the correct tire sizes that you should use.
Front tires available in your 120/90/17 size include; Metzeler ME880, Dunlop D404, Pirelli MT66, Bridgestone Exedra G701...
You can use the Tire Finder feature at Motorcycle Superstore to browse tire choices in your sizes...

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  • Avatar Darcey Do the front and rear tire manufacturer and model have to match?
    Aug 10, 2012 by Darcey | Posted in Motorcycles

    I have Bridgestone Battlax BT 020 tires on my motorcycle. The rear tire is okay, but the front tire will need replacing soon. Do I have to use the same Bridgestone Battlax, or could I use another manufacturer? Also does the rear tire last twice as long as the front, or is it vice versa? Thanks.

    • If it were a four wheeled vehicle then different tire models in front verses back wouldnt be a big deal, but being that you only have two wheels, two different treads could affect your traction Your best to stick with the same brand /model And since all bikes are rear wheel drive obviously, the rear wheels are more likely to wear first.

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    I have a GSXR 750 and the tires are getting pretty worn. I was wondering in opinion or in fact, who carries the best tires for a sport bike/crotch rocket? Michellin? Firestone? Anything? These tires are the only thing touvhing the ground when im riding, so i want the best i can get.

    • I have tried countless tires over the years and have been happiest with the Michelin Pilot Series. Currently the best is the Power 2CT, get that and you will never regret the choice. Dunlope has a new 2 compound Qualifier tire that a few guys I know are currently running and they are telling me it s right on par with the Powers but I have yet to try them and most likely will not try them because the Powers have been so good.