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Pirelli Tire, LLC is recalling certain Metzeler ME880 Marathon motorcycle tires, sizes 13/90 B16 M/C TL 73H and 140/90 B16 M/C TL 77H, manufactured between June 22 and September 13, 2008. These tires were stamped with incorrect load range and inflation pressure information which fails to conform to the labeling requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 119, "New Pneumatic Tires for Motor Vehicles with a GVWR of more than 4, 536 kilograms (10, 000 pounds) and Motorcycles." The purpose of this standard is to provide safe operational performance levels. Metzeler will notify owners and replace the non compliant tires free of charge. The recall began on November 18, 2008. Owners may contact Metzeler Consumer Affairs at 1-877-202-4993.
National Highway Traffic Safety web address ...

2011-08-30 17:32:23 by supertireguy

Same Size As Stock Recommended

With a few exceptions the stock tire sizes are the correct tire sizes that you should use.
Front tires available in your 120/90/17 size include; Metzeler ME880, Dunlop D404, Pirelli MT66, Bridgestone Exedra G701...
You can use the Tire Finder feature at Motorcycle Superstore to browse tire choices in your sizes...

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    All these tyres have been advised by yahoo answer s.Avon Cobra, Avon Venom, Metzeler ME880 Marathons or Continental Road Attacks!I am still open to new suggestions and reasons why. Please vote so I can make my final choice. Thanks

    • We have the most state of the art tire facility in the world here in Rome Ga. It is owned by Pirrelli, who owns Metzler. The motorcycle division in this factory is top secret you can t get in the door. Metzler is and has been the best motorcycle tire in the world not the cheapest. Make sure your rear tire matches.

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    Where is the cheapest place I can get one of these delivered in the uk? Or a better tyre choice!

    • Most of my cruiser friends ride on Metzeler ME880 Marathons. I don t know it it s better, but it is a really good choice. It s just another option. I just put on a set of Continental Road Attacks on my bike and they seem like a really nice tire. I think front and back with mounting was something like $320.00. What is that right now? 150L?