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Dennis Kirk offers the latest, most innovative products around as well as the staples that never change, like classic American made Dunlop motorcycle tires. Dunlop tires are the product of over 100 years of racing experience. What started in Belfast Ireland as John Boyde Dunlop's innovative improvement to his son's tricycle tires has grown into a company that makes the very best motorcycle tires, ATV tires, and, of course, dirt bike and sport bike tires on the market. No matter where you're racing, Dunlop tires will get you there fast. Dennis Kirk has strength in the industry enabling us to provide the lowest guaranteed prices, the largest selection of products, and the fastest same-day shipping to all powersport enthusiasts.

2011-04-07 00:32:05 by UncleRoss

You almost answered your own question.

Your situation is similar to what I used to have on my BMW motorcycles. I and many others would run a Continental tire in front for control, especially in wet weather, and a Dunlop on the back for traction. The softer Dunlop would wear out sooner. We just had to live with it. Having tried several combinations, that seemed to work the best.
On a bicycle I wouldn't think it would be that important but I ride a touring bike with the same tires front and rear. The MTB guys seem to be giving you good advice as far as performance.
As far as durability, your rear (traction) tire will wear out sooner

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