Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Harley

Dunlop MT90B16 White Wall Harley D402 Rear Tire Touring Flhtcu

Set includes 1 Front and 1 Rear Dunlop Elite 3 tire
Radial Tires:
These radial touring tires deliver great mileage and handling for all big radial-shod touring motorcycles. Wear resistance is substantially improved with more even wear characteristics providing increased mileage, plus great traction. The E3 tread pattern provides class-leading wet-pavement performance, even while riding through large puddles of standing water. Special tread pattern is not affected by rain grooves or steel bridge decks, resulting in less front-end hunting and more consistent feel. The E3's sport-derived profile provides a lively response in turn transitions and a solid feel through turns for confident cornering. Includes extra-wide and custom sizes 240/40R18, 250/40R18 with good looks and great handling and performance for custom motorcycles. Bias Tires:
Complete range of bias and belted-bias high-mileage premium touring tires to replace the 491 Elite II in like sizes with black sidewalls. The bias-ply Elite 3 features a tire profile modeled after the shape of modern radial-construction tires and shares many of the same benefits. The weight rating of the E3 rear tire for the Honda GL1500 is increased to 992 pounds for greater load carrying capacity. The high-mileage E3 bias and bias-belted tires suit a wide range of large-displacement touring motorcycles as well as a majority of the most popular cruiser bikes available.

  • Improved performance and long life, the next generation of long-distance tires
  • New E3 tread pattern gives class-leading performance in the rain; handling is not affected by rain grooves, steel bridge decks or tar strips
  • Solid feel inspires more confidence in the corners
  • Blackwall
  • H-Rated: for speeds up to 130 m.p.h.
  • V-Rated: for speeds up to 149 m.p.h.
  • 2008-03-16 19:18:24 by lrdoflamancha

    I want some of what ever this guy is smoking.

    2000 Yamaha Royal Star Venture - MINT
    Original Owner since new, ALWAYS Garaged, Very well maintained, Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in Engine and Synthetic Gear lube. New Battery
    Brand New Front & Rear Dunlop Tires, Front Brakes and Rear Rotor and Brakes
    Only 21,000 miles, 1294cc V4 ( from each side has look of Big V-twin)
    I have 2 Yamaha windshields, 1 Large, 1 slightly smaller, Added Yamaha Light Bar and rear chrome luggage rack. GORGEOUS two tone red.
    AM/FM/Cassette - 4 speaker system /CB,Cruise Control, also has driver and passenger plugs for helmet communication system

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