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Dennis Kirk offers the latest, most innovative products around as well as the staples that never change, like classic American made Dunlop motorcycle tires. Dunlop tires are the product of over 100 years of racing experience. What started in Belfast Ireland as John Boyde Dunlop's innovative improvement to his son's tricycle tires has grown into a company that makes the very best motorcycle tires, ATV tires, and, of course, dirt bike and sport bike tires on the market. No matter where you're racing, Dunlop tires will get you there fast. Dennis Kirk has strength in the industry enabling us to provide the lowest guaranteed prices, the largest selection of products, and the fastest same-day shipping to all powersport enthusiasts.

Dunlop Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Tire - Front - MH90-21 TL, Speed Rating: H, Tire Type: Street, Tire Construction: Bias, Position: Front, Tire Size: MH90-21, Load Rating: 54, Rim Size: 21, Tire Application: Touring 301763
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dunlop)
  • NOTE - SAFETY WARNING: For information on tire care, safety, maintenance, mounting, manufacturers warranty and other information consult tire manufacturers publication(s)...
  • Engineered and tested with Harley-Davidson to provide maximum performance for touring bikes
  • 3-ply polyester casing with 2 fiberglass belts for greater load-carrying capability and stability
  • Offset center groove improves confidence in wet conditions
  • Made in USA
2008-03-16 19:18:24 by lrdoflamancha

I want some of what ever this guy is smoking.

2000 Yamaha Royal Star Venture - MINT
Original Owner since new, ALWAYS Garaged, Very well maintained, Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in Engine and Synthetic Gear lube. New Battery
Brand New Front & Rear Dunlop Tires, Front Brakes and Rear Rotor and Brakes
Only 21,000 miles, 1294cc V4 ( from each side has look of Big V-twin)
I have 2 Yamaha windshields, 1 Large, 1 slightly smaller, Added Yamaha Light Bar and rear chrome luggage rack. GORGEOUS two tone red.
AM/FM/Cassette - 4 speaker system /CB,Cruise Control, also has driver and passenger plugs for helmet communication system

Dunlop Dunlop Motorcycle D803 275-21 TRAILS FRT Tires D803 - 301210
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dunlop)
  • Size:
  • Style:
  • Color: Blackwall
  • Warranty: Every new Dunlop motorcycle tire that becomes unserviceable within six years or 72 months of the date of manufacture for conditions other than those which...

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