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This is an update on my previous post about the Continental TKC 80 Twinduro rear tire /tyre that I had just bought.
This is a really good tyre for what it is meant to do, which is give a reasonable ride, both on and off road.
To be specific, I thought I would review it against the claims made by Continental. Here goes;

1. Continental's Claim - Conti TKC80 delivers un- rivalled on and off road performance. This is pretty universal stuff. I have had better off-road tyres on my old off road Hondas. I have also had better on-road tyres. However, I will have to admit that as a combination, the TKC 80 is the best on and off road tyre I've ridden.
2. Continental's Claim- all season, all weather, in all terrain and every road condition. I've had the tyres on British roads and green lanes in winter for almost 3 weeks now and they seem to handle rain, mud, puddles, black ice, and just plain old gravelly single-track Hampshire backroads. All terrain? Not so sure about that. My green laning is pretty tame to real off-road riders. I doubt whether a true back woods rider would feel that it met all of their needs.
3. Continental's Claim - regardless of continent. I've only used them in Europe, but I'd say they would perform similarly in North America. I can't comment on the other continents, since I haven't ridden on them.

Overall, the tyre has performed well for my needs. I have now had it out on several green lanes in Hampshire and I also had it on the motorway for over 200 miles, including Friday traffic in London.
On-road, there is definitely more movement than a road tyre, but you get used to it. It never feels out of control, but clip a big piece of gravel on a knob whilst cornering and you'll feel your heart leap into your throat. I would never recommend it for anyone not riding off-road fairly regularly. Finally, I feared the noise whilst riding at speed on the motorway, but the Twinduro did not seem any louder than my Trailwings.
Off-road, the tyre was a revelation. A green lane that I could not ride a week earlier, became a doddle with the Twinduro. It is far better suited to mud than my old Bridgestone Trailwing and it has pretty good self-cleaning properties too. I especially liked the feel when riding laterally on an incline (i.e. staying high in the rut to avoid a deep, narrow puddle).

Well, there you go. My review of my new Continental TKC 80 Twinduro rear tyre after 250 all-purpose miles. I'd buy it again. Stay tuned for further updates as the tyre wears.

2007-10-29 20:20:33 by supertireguy

Any New Tire Will Be Good

All new motorcycle tires from any of the major manufacturers will be good in the wet/dry. Any recommendations of one tire over another is basically just personal preference. In other words all your choices are good choices.
* Sport Tire Options *
Avon Viper Sport
Bridgestone BT014/015
Continental Sport Attack
Dunlop Qualifier
Metzeler M3 Sportec
Michelin Pilot Power & PP2CT
Pirelli Diablo & Corsa III
* Sport-Touring Tire Options *
Avon Storm ST
Bridgestone BT021
Continental Road Attack
Metzeler Z6 Roadtec
Michelin Pilot Road & PR2CT
Pirelli Diablo Strada

Continental Continental TKC 80 Twinduro Dual Sport Front Tire - 90/90S-21/--
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental)
  • Internationally tested rally tire
  • High levels of grip when used on or off-road
  • High cornering stability on soft terrain, with very good self-cleaning properties
  • Long service life
  • 11080B-19 F650 GS
Continental Tire CONTINENTAL TIRE TKC80 180/55B17 73Q
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental Tire)
Continental Continental Conti Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Rear Tire 120/90-18 02001420000
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental)
  • 40% on-road and 60% offroad
  • Compound and wide block tread pattern deliver optimal on and offroad grip and performance
  • Excellent braking and traction on a wide range of surfaces from loose to hard pack
  • High cornering stability on soft terrain
  • Good self-cleaning tread pattern

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