Continental Motorcycle tyres TKC80

Continental motorcycle tyres tkc 80

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ContiForce Max: For sports bikes

Featuring superb handling, even in critical situations, and a unique Continental-patented design, the new ContiForce Max is the ideal choice of tire for sport and supersport enthusiasts. Its outstanding characteristics are the result of combining different tire engineering methods: high-impact steel cord, something used only by Continental, is employed in combination with a zero-degree casing structure, giving maximum stability at high speeds. The new type of tread compound delivers good grip, even on wet roads, and the contour of ContiForce Max ensures optimum handling performance. Other benefits of the new sports tire from Hannover are its high mileage performance versus standard tires, and Continental´s attractive pricing structure.

The spring 2004 test ratings were highly positive. MO praises the Force Max´s riding stability, the optimum feel of contact with the road, and its unproblematic performance in extreme situations. Motorradfahrer calls it a genuine all-rounder for country roads and race training purposes.

ContiForce Max makes an ideal tire fitment for sports bikes like the supersport 600 models, and is a good choice for sporty riding on motorcycles like the Yamaha R1, Kawasaki ZX 9R and Honda CBR 900 RR. It has already received many approvals from leading European and Japanese motorcycle producers. With ContiForce Max, Continental is able to satisfy the motorcycle industry´s high demands with just one specification for all approved models!

Safe, sporty riding - even in the wet: ContiForce

ContiForce was specially developed by Continental with those bikers in mind who move their sports tourers in daily use and are thus on the road all year round. Thanks to the application of new compounding technologies, this tire quickly reaches its operating temperature and delivers maximum grip in all riding situations.

Not only does ContiForce perform well on dry roads, it also has impressive wet-grip properties. After all, north of the Alps it rains on one in three days, so northern European bikers will derive particularly high benefits from fitting the ContiForce. One of the key design objectives for this tire was its compound, which also ensures good tire/road adhesion in wet conditions. ContiForce is especially suitable for sports tourers and for drivers of naked bikes. And yet, true sports bikes like the Aprilia RS 250 and Kawasaki ZX 6R can likewise be fitted with the ContiForce. Approvals are available for BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha models.

ContiEscape: The specialist for long-travel enduros

Long-travel enduros are enjoying increasing popularity because they combine a relaxed seating position, comfortable suspension and a high payload with good riding characteristics. Despite their ability to make the odd off-road trip, long-travel enduros are driven almost exclusively on asphalt and paved roads. And, in such conditions, massive-bar tires do not guarantee the same amount of tire/road contact as street tires. Continental is therefore offering a new tire called Conti­Escape - an enduro tire imparting the impression of being an off-road tire thanks to its conspicuous tread pattern design, while still delivering superb road-tire performance. Conti­Escape is suitable for fitment to all popular enduro bikes - from the 125cc through to the 1150cc models.

Continental Twinduro TKC80-Dual Sport Front Tire - 90/90-21 02471440000
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental)
  • 40% on-road and 60% offroad
  • Compound and wide block tread pattern deliver optimal on and offroad grip and performance
  • Excellent braking and traction on a wide range of surfaces from loose to hard pack
  • High cornering stability on soft terrain
  • Good self-cleaning properties
2008-01-22 11:01:09 by germz

Dirt vs. Street -- Tire & Bike

"Dirt" Tire on the Street:
(1) Accelerated Wear
A less-than 3000 mile life wouldn't be surprising.
(2) Decreased Traction
You're more likely to find the back end "sliding out" when you attempt to brake or turn suddenly.
(3) Increased Vibration
"Knobs" don't roll as smoothly as other tires.
You can find plenty of "knobby" tires that are DOT approved, and street legal, like the Dunlop 606, or Continental TKC80.
But you'd be better served by a tire such as the Metzeler Tourance or Michelin Anakee -- sacrificing some "dirt-worthiness" for increased tire life and street capability

Continental Continental Conti Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tire - Rear - 180/55B-17, Position: Rear, Tire Size: 180/55-17, Rim Size: 17, Load Rating: 73, Speed Rating: Q, Tire Type: Dual Sport, Tire Construction: Bias 02000240000
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental)
  • NOTE - SAFETY WARNING: For information on tire care, safety, maintenance, mounting, manufacturers warranty and other information consult tire manufacturers publication(s)...
  • 40% on-road and 60% offroad
  • Compound and wide block tread pattern delivers optimal on and offroad grip and performance
  • Excellent braking and traction on a wide range of surfaces from loose to hard pack
  • High cornering stability on soft terrain

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