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Find the Lowest Prices on Discount Motorcycle Tires Welcome to the Motorcycle Maniac Store, your single stop source for discount motorcycle tires from a wide range of manufacturers. We carry a massive selection of motorcycle tires from such world renowned manufacturers as Avon, AMS, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Shinko, Vee, and more! Even better, we spare no expense or effort to bring you the lowest possible prices on each and every set of motorcycle tires youll find for sale here on our site. Be sure to take your time and browse our inventory fully before making your final purchase decision its important to select the correct tires for your motorcycle. Since the connection of rubber and road determines everything about your riding experience, from control to cornering to traction and grip, choosing the proper tire for your specific needs is the most important step toward fully enjoying your motorcycle. We make every effort to keep the information on our motorcycle tires current and up to date, so you should be able to find more information on each of the brands and styles we sell. However, if you have any questions about the best brand or style of motorcycle tires for you, or if youre looking for information on our discount motorcycle tires that you cant find from browsing our store, dont hesitate to drop us a line were always ready to help out a fellow motorcycle maniac! In addition to discount motorcycle tires of all kinds, the Motorcycle Maniac Store brings you a wide range of accessories and gear for all kinds of motorcycles and riders. Weve got all the helmets, gloves, goggles, and apparel you could ever want, all at rock bottom prices. In addition, youll find a huge selection of batteries and inner tubes and we even carry moped tires! Whatever youre looking for, weve got it for you, and at a price that wont break your bank account. Dealing with the Motorcycle Maniac Store is as easy as it is convenient. Our No Hassle Guarantee on all the parts and accessories you purchase from us ensures that you spend more time enjoying your motorcycle and less time dealing with ordering issues. Whats our No Hassle Guarantee? Were glad you asked! If for any reason the part or accessory you order isnt exactly what you need, all you have to do is send it back to us unused and we will credit you back 100% of your money. You wont find any of those ridiculous restocking fees here as long as we get the part back, you get your money back; its that simple. Tired of motorcycle stores that send you parts that are similar to what you ordered? You wont find that kind of nonsense here! We wont substitute anything on your order without your direct request and permission. Finally, we offer some of the cheapest shipping on our discount motorcycle tires, apparel, and accessories youre likely to find anywhere. For any order under $99, we charge you a flat shipping fee of $7. For any order over $99, you dont pay for shipping at all! Quick, easy, and affordable thats how we roll.

2007-06-08 22:47:51 by mca8690


This may sound odd, as i have not actually ordered from this site myself and cannot rate their service, but as far as prices go, DAMN! for sportbike tires, esp. Pilot Powers and the like, they ship both tires to your door for less than my local shops just sell the rubbers for!!
The american motorcycle tire store looks like they have similar prices, but i'd guarantee that their shipping is more...
For my bike, for front and rear pilot powers, it's like $220.99 shipped to my door. I just talked to a guy at a local dealership yesterday w a new pilot power, JUST THE REAR, and he was smiling b/c he "only" paid $140 for it

2008-04-29 17:52:31 by krebcycle

Oil and tires

I put in 3 quarts of 15 buck a quart oil in the bike and change my own oil. I buy the cheapest oil for the car, I could do it myself but assuming i'm willing to pay the 10 bucks for jiffy lube to do it the bike still costs 20 bucks more per oil change.
Tires are just plain expensive on a motorcycle. I buy pilot powers tires which are very sticky, and give really good traction in the rain. I will never skimp on tires on a bike. They give you 12k miles, that's just how it goes when you buy sticky tires, they wear fast. You can maybe extend it to 15k but the range is 7-12 generally

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