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At Motorcycle Race Gear, you will find a huge selection of discount motorcycle tyres including street bike tyres, dirt bike tyres, ATV tyres and scooter tyres. You can browse motorcycle tyres by riding style, tyre size or brand. Choose from top motorcycle tyre brands like Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres, Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres, Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres and many others.

From dirt bike and ATV tyres to road bike tyres of all types, Motorcycle Race Gear has the motorcycle tyres you need and the resources to get you back on the road.

Since we buy our motorcycle tyres in bulk we receive discounts from the tyre manufacturers and pass along the savings to you. We pride ourselves to having some of the best prices in Australia. If you're looking for the cheapest motorcycle tyre chances are you'll find it here at Motorcycle Race Gear.

Motorcycle tyres and their technology continue to evolve. No matter what brand of motorcycle tyre that you choose there's numerous types. In order to help you make an informed decision about your next purchase MRG continually updates it's news section where you can stay informed about Motorcycle Tyre reviews, buyers guides and what's happening within the Motorcycle Tyres industry.

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2008-09-04 23:48:15 by moesblues

Do ...

A google search for motorcycle tires and you'll get a gaggle of sites that will do mail order for cheap and help you figure out what tires are good for your bike. I'd do that before running straight to the dealer. As far as balancing goes, yes they do, but you need to ask yourself the question whether or not it's really worth it. If you plan on running hardcore track days on a performance machine, yeah, I'd say it's worth it. Since your on a cruiser and, I'm assuming here, you probably won't be "pushing the envelope" I wouldn't worry too much about balancing. I'd be much more interested in whether or not my rims were true

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