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Scooter, Track, Motocross Tires - Motorcycle Catalog - PIRELLI US - Motorcycle Catalog The scooter tires produced by Pirelli are always at the peak in international motorcycling competitions: this is the result of the dedication of Pirelli’s designers and technicians whose common goal is to produce top track tires and motocross tires in terms of quality, performance and reliability.
Learn about the features of the scooter tire that are most suited to your driving style and find the most suitable for your vehicle. Pirelli also offers a wide range of scooter and road tires created to let you drive safely in any situation.
Look at Pirelli’s scooter tire catalogue now and choose the most suitable tire for you.

Michelin Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Motorcycle Tire Hp/Track Front 120/70-17 58W
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Michelin)
  • 20% softer rubber mix on the edges of the tread yields phenomenal cornering grip*
  • Track-day tire that s equally at home on the road
  • Lean angles up to 51.2 degree measured on Michelin test track*
  • Real MotoGP technology from the tire company that has won 15 consecutive GP World Championships
  • Precise handling and feedback
2008-09-04 23:48:15 by moesblues

Do ...

A google search for motorcycle tires and you'll get a gaggle of sites that will do mail order for cheap and help you figure out what tires are good for your bike. I'd do that before running straight to the dealer. As far as balancing goes, yes they do, but you need to ask yourself the question whether or not it's really worth it. If you plan on running hardcore track days on a performance machine, yeah, I'd say it's worth it. Since your on a cruiser and, I'm assuming here, you probably won't be "pushing the envelope" I wouldn't worry too much about balancing. I'd be much more interested in whether or not my rims were true

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    We have a 2001 Yamaha Silverado and need to order tires. Does anyone know where we can get a great price? Local is too high! If I were outside the USA, I would have posted in that country.

    • I get my tires online from American motorcycle by far the cheapest place I have found for new tires ,I just picked up a set there about a month ago both tires cost me $235.00 dollars and a I had a local shop install them on the on my rims for $50.00 dollars ,its a lot cheaper if you take the tires and rims off then to have a shop do it ,you can get a motorcycle lift at Pepboys for $70.00 dollars