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2009-03-25 09:41:17 by macandwhisper

Fix a flat should be for emergencies only

If you do use-tell the shop if you when you bring it in. Some of the shops I've worked at charged extra if somebody had used that stuff-especially if they didn't tell us.
If it's older bike-chances are tires have suffered. Look closely at tires for fine cracks from rubber drying out and dry rotting. If tires (whole motorcycle!) wasn't stored properly, rubber (tires+o-rings, seals, etc) deteriote over time.
Let us know kind of bike-should have id sticker on frame towards steering head or under seat. How long it has been since last ridden, etc.
If you are looking for cheap tires for an older bike-check

2011-01-03 18:51:18 by author_unknown

All I'm saying is

I looked at a bunch of reviews before I bought them.
Shinko, I think a South Korean company, bought the yokohama motorcycle tire line, from the molds to the processes and tread compounds.
Of the 3 tires I've bought, none needed weights to be balanced. They are quieter than the Dunlops they replaced, and feel like they have a firmer sidewall. All were round and unblemished. They are more comfortable running in rain than I am. I have no reason to believe they are anything but safe.
The many reviews from those who have bought them from the Motorcycle Superstore were uniformly positive

Hopkins RhinoGear 11930 Tire Hugger Wheel Chock - Set of 2
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Hopkins)
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Nested for easy storage
  • Use to keep tires from rolling
  • Item is a set of 2 chocks
Motion Pro Motion Pro 08-0115 10" Spoon Type Tire Iron
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Motion Pro)
  • Hard nickel pewter finish
  • 10 inches long and weighs 7.1 ounces
  • Recommended by top tire changers
  • Curved end fits securely in the hand
ProSource Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Tire Wheel Clamp Lock
Home Improvement (ProSource)
  • Made out of weather resistant steel
  • Soft coated clamp will not scratch or damage wheels or rims
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Highly visible due to bright colors (red & yellow)
  • Very simple and convenient set up

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    • I get my tires online from American motorcycle by far the cheapest place I have found for new tires ,I just picked up a set there about a month ago both tires cost me $235.00 dollars and a I had a local shop install them on the on my rims for $50.00 dollars ,its a lot cheaper if you take the tires and rims off then to have a shop do it ,you can get a motorcycle lift at Pepboys for $70.00 dollars

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