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The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the motorcycle is itching to get out of the garage. “Tune me up” it says! Winter season is done and hibernation for motorcycles is over and it is probably that time to get motorcycle insurance.

You know you need to buy motorcycle insurance fast, and the worst part is phoning around to insurance companies and be put on hold. Literally it sucks, when you are on hold and just want to get the insurance done and over with! After all, the sun is shining and you want to start riding now!

Maybe you already have had a motorcycle insurance estimate and you think it is good enough, or your motorcycle insurance policy may just have gone up for no reason.

Did you know Ontario motorcycle insurance rates are decreasing, you can find out easily enough by searching on line?

Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario:

In Ontario, a motorcycle insurance policy is identical word for word based on manditory coverages, however, you can customize your motorcycle insurance quote which could vary by hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you don’t search for proof.

When you shop on line for a motorcycle insurance price, keep in mind there is more than a couple affordable motorcycle insurance companies.

Some car insurance companies will offer a multi line discount and multi policy discount for having all your insurance with one company. This is one way of obtaining cheaper motorcycle insurance however another is to call a broker.

50+ motorcycle insurance

You can get your Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance covered quite cheap if you search out the right insurance broker. If you are over 50 and like to ride motorcycle’s we can offer you the right type of motorcycle insurance and provide you peace of mind claims service.

Motorcycle Safe Riding Tips:

Inspect all nuts and bolts for tightness, check your tires for wear and look for any visible leaks.

For safety tips on riding check out this site: I found it quite informative! Do you have any other informative websites?

New riders: Take a motorcyclce training course. Motorcycle training

courses will also offer discounts towards your motorcycle insurance.

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2009-03-25 09:41:17 by macandwhisper

Fix a flat should be for emergencies only

If you do use-tell the shop if you when you bring it in. Some of the shops I've worked at charged extra if somebody had used that stuff-especially if they didn't tell us.
If it's older bike-chances are tires have suffered. Look closely at tires for fine cracks from rubber drying out and dry rotting. If tires (whole motorcycle!) wasn't stored properly, rubber (tires+o-rings, seals, etc) deteriote over time.
Let us know kind of bike-should have id sticker on frame towards steering head or under seat. How long it has been since last ridden, etc.
If you are looking for cheap tires for an older bike-check

2011-01-03 18:51:18 by author_unknown

All I'm saying is

I looked at a bunch of reviews before I bought them.
Shinko, I think a South Korean company, bought the yokohama motorcycle tire line, from the molds to the processes and tread compounds.
Of the 3 tires I've bought, none needed weights to be balanced. They are quieter than the Dunlops they replaced, and feel like they have a firmer sidewall. All were round and unblemished. They are more comfortable running in rain than I am. I have no reason to believe they are anything but safe.
The many reviews from those who have bought them from the Motorcycle Superstore were uniformly positive

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