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Bridges tone Battlax R10 DOT Race LeoVince and Bridgestone Race Tire Partnership

LeoVince USA proudly offers a full range of motorcycle industry-leading products,all handpicked for their precision tuning,reliability,and quality.

Now,Bridgestone’s race tire lineup joins other high-performance options like the Dion Device Brake Lever Guard,GPR Stabilizers and BMC Air Filters in a growing line of products distributed nationally by LeoVince USA.

In addition,the LeoVince USA Performance Center in Richmond,California,specializing in the building and tuning of race and track-day motorcycles,will feature Bridgestone’s race tires.

Tim Calhoun (Executive Vice President of LeoVince USA) says: “We’re excited to offer Bridgestone race tires from our Indianapolis and Richmond Distribution Centers for our customers,and we will also feature them as a racing upgrade at the LeoVince Performance Center.

“Bridgestone has a very successful history in motorcycle racing globally. They work for us because they feature great drive and edge grip,and the value added for the racer is incredible wear life. I think this and their wide range allows us to match each racer’s needs very well.”

LeoVince USA will offer Bridgestone’s Battlax DOT race,race slicks,Supermoto tires and racing rain tires:

Battlax R10 DOT Race: The R10 DOTs feature a 3-dimensional tread pattern for increased grip under acceleration and braking as well as compound,construction and profile developed for maximum grip and cornering performance. In stock in 120/70 EVO Soft or Medium front and 180/55 EVO Medium or Hard and 190/55 Medium or Hard compound rears.Bridgestone Battlax Supermoto

Battlax Slicks: The new V01 slick utilizes technology developed from Bridgestone’s MotoGP spec tire program to deliver improved handling and warm-up performance. In stock in 120/600 Soft front and 190/650 Soft or Medium compound rears. Slick fitments for 125GP bikes on up are also available.

Battlax Supermoto: In stock with either a 17” Medium pattern moto or 16.5” Soft or Medium slick front and choice of slick or pattern moto rears in Soft or Medium compounds.

Battlax Racing Rains: Full-wet rain tires available for everything from 125GP bikes on up.

For more information about these and other LeoVince products,visit the LeoVince USA website at To keep up with the latest product and racing news from LeoVince,be sure to like them on Facebook at

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2005-10-11 23:05:14 by experience_counts2

Montero Limited weirdness

The vehicle sits a lot. I ride my motorcycle most of the time so the Montero can sit in the driveway or garage for 2 to 6 weeks at a time.
When I first start to drive it after it has been sitting for a long time (more than 3-4 days) it has a very noticable "thumping" from the rear wheels. The thump occurs at exactly the rate of rotation of the wheels. It has happened with two different sets of tires (currently Bridgestone Dueler Revos with 20K miles on them).
After about 5 miles on the highway the thumping smooths out. After it has smoothed out it's good for several days - it does not make the thumping after it sits all day or overnight

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