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Sizes - It's worth finding out what size tyre you can run on your bike. You don't want to go and buy a set of part worn tyres only to find they rub on the swing arm, hugger or front mud guard.

Should I worry about heat cycles - The theory is every heat cycle a tyre goes through the less effective it becomes. In truth though it's impossible to know exactly how many it's gone through and to what extent, so don't worry too much about this. I've run track day tyres over long periods of time with and without tyre warmers and have never noticed any massive performance drop. Best to judge on tread depth, tyre age and wear pattern.

How many days will I get from them? - This is very subjective. I have seen people destroy a tyre in a few sessions, where as I myself have run a Metzeler Racetec for 10-12 days (it was that many I can't remember) and the tyre still had tread left.

A part worn tyres wear rate is determined by a mixture of the brand of tyre, the pressures used, how the suspension is set up and how kind you right hand is to the tyres. Having all working nicely will see good wear rate, having them all working against you will see you kill a tyre in no time at all.

See my when to change motorcycle tyres guide for a more detailed look on tyre durability.

Listings with little information - If you see a very vague advert for a tyre that simply states 'plenty of life left' it's either because the tyre isn't in the best condition, or they're just lazy and couldn't be bothered to list it properly. Ask them questions or ask for close up pictures, if they try and run you in circles steer well clear.

Where to buy? - In all honesty, if you know a motorcycle racer ask them if you can buy their tyres off of them, that way you'll know the history and you'll know they aren't going to rip you off. Or if you have friends who know racers then do the same. Other than that it's worth having a look on ebay as you can often grab some used tyres at a good price (see below for links to the current best part worn tyres).

You can also buy part worn motorcycle tyres on a track day itself. Expect to pay a little more than normal though, unless the tyre guy is just looking to shift them ASAP.

What are the best part worn tyres for track days?

Metzeler Racetec Interact - Arguably the best track day rubber outside of full race slicks. These are very popular and so can be found in abundance and at good prices. If you're looking for your first part worn motorcycle tyres, you won't go far wrong with a set of Racetecs.

Pirelli Supercorsas - Pretty much the same tyre as the above just with a different name. It has been mentioned that they don't give you quite as much notice if they're about to let go, so for that reason alone I always opt for the Metzeler Racetecs, but don't fret, they are a superb track tyre and are also a very popular tyre.

Bridgestone R10 - The R10s are pretty new to the market so there's not many about, but they are getting very good reviews so I imagine in time they will become very popular. If you can find a set cheap then they are definitely be worth a look.

2009-09-11 09:39:58 by electrickytech

Motorcycle tires hate me

I have the worst luck when it comes to tires. The last two tires I bought for the front of my bike have been out of round, I had to take it back today for another try. Same thing happened last time , I got a Metzler that humped and wiggled both, I'll be damned Ron from the bike shop is here bringing me my wheel back, Finks is the best damn place around to do business with.

2009-02-06 16:06:45 by ChopperCharles

You can get more bike for less money, but good

I like the V-rod. It's fast, it's fun to ride, and it turns heads. The seat however is a nutcrusher, the forward footpegs are awkward at best, and you can buy WAY more motorcycle for WAY less money from Honda or Yamaha. If you want to buy into the Harley name, a V-Rod or Sportster won't get you anywhere. The die-hard Harley 'tards will make fun of you. But if you're more interested in the bike than the image, go for it.
But realize you'll be spending a 20% premium (minimum) for the Harley name, and you still won't get any cred. (If that matters to you).
If you're interested in a cruiser type bike that's fast, I'd recommend the V-Max 1200

2011-09-30 10:19:12 by Dead-bug

A 27 yr old motorcycle that's just been sitting

In a garage is going to have lots of problems. The tires as well as all the other rubber parts are bad no matter what they look like. As soon as you start driving it the rubber will start falling apart. Does it start and run properly? If not the gas tank and carburetor was not drained and preserved with packing oil so both will most likely need to be replaced. This model is popular with a small segment of collectors and parts are still available but to be bluntly honest $1,600 is way too much to pay for something like this.
If you want a small street legal bike like this that you really plan on riding you would be much better off getting this New in the crate, Honda Clone CT70

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