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Allow for cornering at tight angles; extreme acceleration from a standing position; speed when coming out of turns; durable on the track use

Sport Tires

Made for fast action on the road; radial pattern gives better road grip; offer better handling in dry and wet conditions; more durable than race tires

Off-Road Tires

Best for off-road use; tires typically sport a knobby design; these tire types are secured with rim locks to prevent the tire from spinning on the rim in rough terrain

Cruising Tires

Offer superior grip on a variety of different road surfaces; improved grip for wet weather use; improved stability control

Touring Tires

These type of tires offer long distance use in all weather conditions; stable tire offering excellent driver control

Make sure they are the correct type of tires for the motorcycle model before making a purchase. Also inspect them thoroughly to make sure they meet proper tire standards. Finally, make sure that any tires purchased match up. For instance, do not mix and match a belted tire with a radial tire.

Motorcycle Tire Sizes

When determining motorcycle tire size, owners should pay attention to the five-part size number. This number is comprised of the width, aspect ratio, speed rating, tire construction, and the rim diameter, in that order. The sections below give more information on each of these areas.

Motorcycle Tire Width

The first number in a motorcycle tire size represents the width of the tire. The width of a motorcycle tire is the measurement, in a straight line, from the outside of one sidewall to the outside of the other sidewall.

Motorcycle Tire Aspect Ratio

The tire aspect ratio represents the motorcycle tire’s cross section profile in relation to its height. The number on the tire represents the percentage of the height to the tire’s width. This ratio is represented as the second number, after the tire width, on the tire size number.

Motorcycle Tire Speed Rating

The motorcycle speed rating represents the maximum speed at which riders can drive the motorcycle with a maximum load and the tires at the maximum listed inflation pressure. The maximum load and inflation pressures are also found on the sidewalls listed separately. The third entry on the tire size number is a letter that represents the speed rating. The following table contains the various speed ratings and their corresponding speeds in miles per hour, or MPH.

Code Letter Maximum MPH

















V/ V240






W/ V270






Y/ V300



Z-rated tires have no recognized upper speed. They are listed as 149+ MPH to represent this lack of a threshold.

Motorcycle Tire Construction

The fourth number/letter in the tire size represents the tire construction. The letter B stands for belted tires, and the letter R stands for radial tires. Belted tires contain a fiberglass, Kevlar, or aramid fiber belt that gives the tire added strength and increased load capacity. Shoppers should pay attention though since not all belted tires have the B designation. If unsure about what type of tire is being bought, ask the seller for more information.

2008-06-11 00:42:08 by justajoe

Standard or dual purpose is best because

For most people the riding position is naturally comfortable AND allows the beginning street oriented rider to more skillfully balance and manuever the motorcycle. A cruiser like the Rebel or a sportbike like the Ninja 250 are not ideal for a beginning rider. The sportbike is less stable at low speeds and the cruiser puts the beginner in a position that does not distribute the rider's weight for good handling.
The Nighthawk 250 is great, so is a 200 cc dual sport like a Suzuki DR200 or the mentioned Yamaha 200. Pretty much any standard or dual purpose bike with decent tires for the street would be good for a beginner so long as it has a nice broad powerband with not too much horsepower

Shinko 712 Series Tire - Front - 100/90-19, Speed Rating: H, Tire Type: Street, Tire Application: Touring, Rim Size: 19, Tire Ply: 4, Load Rating: 57, Position: Front, Tire Size: 100/90-19 XF87-4141
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Shinko)
  • NOTE - SAFETY WARNING: For information on tire care, safety, maintenance, mounting, manufacturers warranty and other information consult tire manufacturers publication(s)...
  • Designed for mileage and performance
  • Staggered tread pattern provide excellent wet weather performance
  • H rated tubeless, 4 ply nylon carcass

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