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By: John ClayOn: July 9th, 2009Updated: July 20, 2013

Motorcycle tires for street use tend not to last as long as we would like them to. Most riders look for tires that will give you good performance with long tread life. Too often, we see motorcycles with tires that are just plain dangerous to keep using.

It’s good practice to check the date code on your tires even if the tread looks fine, especially if you can’t remember how long you have had them. You may want to think about getting some fresh rubber between you and the pavement if yours are much older than you thought, but choosing a good tire can be a bit overwhelming unless you haven’t heard of the ME 880.
Metzler ME880 Over and over, in motorcycle stores, in rider forums, and in talking with many other riders, the Metzeler ME880 comes up as the replacement tire of choice for cruisers and touring bikes. This tire has one of the best combinations and reputations for tread life and overall performance. The ME880 should easily meet your needs on everything from a Honda Shadow to a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.

Online motorcycle parts stores, such as Motorcycle Superstore and Bike Bandit have great selections of tires in stock, shipping is usually free, and their prices are normally lower than you’ll find locally. Motorcycle Superstore has a huge network of preferred tire installers that you can take them to if you so choose.

I checked out the Metzeler ME880 to try to figure out why so many riders that I meet are saying the same good things about these tires. Honestly, I found it hard to believe that so many riders choose the same tire. Since most motorcyclists are individuals that tend to like to be different, there’s got to be something special when so many choose not just the same motorcycle tire brand, but the same specific brand and model. This is something extraordinary in my opinion.

According to Metzeler, some of the best liked features of the ME880 motorcycle tire are as follows: (1) a tread design that won’t follow grooves or ridges that you sometimes encounter on bridges and in road construction areas, (2) a tire compound gives the ME880 less rolling resistance, longer wear, and increased wet traction, (3) comfortable and stable ride.

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Standard or dual purpose is best because

For most people the riding position is naturally comfortable AND allows the beginning street oriented rider to more skillfully balance and manuever the motorcycle. A cruiser like the Rebel or a sportbike like the Ninja 250 are not ideal for a beginning rider. The sportbike is less stable at low speeds and the cruiser puts the beginner in a position that does not distribute the rider's weight for good handling.
The Nighthawk 250 is great, so is a 200 cc dual sport like a Suzuki DR200 or the mentioned Yamaha 200. Pretty much any standard or dual purpose bike with decent tires for the street would be good for a beginner so long as it has a nice broad powerband with not too much horsepower

Michelin Michelin Commander II Reinforced Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Rear - 130/90-16
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Michelin)
  • Developed and tested by and for American riders. Test riders logged more than half a million miles on U.S. roads
  • Each front Commander tire size is tailored to the unique handling characteristics of each bike by a combination of profile and casing designs
  • Rayon carcass ply instead of polyester for a compliant ride and stable handling
  • Aramid belts in the rear Commander, instead of less costly fiberglass, controls the centrifugal growth on the tire allowing a large contact patch, excellent traction...
Pit Posse Motorcycle Cruiser Adjustable Pivot Center Stand Lift Jack Display Hoist
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Pit Posse)
Avon Avon Cobra AV72 Cruiser Motorcycle Tire Rear -300/35-18
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Avon)
  • Aimed at the power cruiser/touring/custom market
  • Incorporates sports tyre technology for nimble handing
  • Incredible stability and longevity - perfect for touring
  • Extra wide sizes for custom bikes

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