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Your motorcycle tires are vital components in keeping your bike on the road. Nonetheless, these tires are constantly bombarded by grease and dirt from the road, with dust and grit from brakes, and bugs and debris from the air. Maintaining and cleaning your motorcycle tires is important in making sure that they always have good contact with the ground.

Maintain your tires as part of your general motorcycle maintenance routine, and always ensure that they are clean before travelling on difficult ground. The winter months can be very hard on tires, and keeping a grip on wet or frozen ground can be made more difficult by dirt. Before you set out on any long journey, or if your motorcycle has been laying idle for a while, take the time to carefully maintain your bike tires: it could prevent a serious accident.

Maintaining Bike Tires Step 1: Checking for Damage

First, do the basics: check your tire for punctures, damage, and any signs of wear in the rubber of the tire. Then wash the tire well, and check again for any problems. Brake dust and road grit can result in pitting of the tires, which will eventually lead to the tire being too damaged to use. Check for this condition carefully. While you are washing your tires, make sure that there are no loose nuts and bolts. If you find some of these have become loosened, make sure that they are properly screwed in again before driving away.

Step 2: Cleaning the Tire

Use a good cleaner to cleanse all the way around the tires: harsh washes which contain chemicals can corrode the wheel and the frame, so only use gentle washes.

Step 3: Washing the Tire

Wash and wax your tires using a good motorcycle wash/wax formula. At the same time, add a corrosion preventant, which will prevent the wheel base and the tire frame from becoming corroded.

Step 4: Cleaning Away Bugs

Remove any bugs and debris from the windshield by placing a wet cloth on the surface for about fifteen minutes. Scrub the windshield with a detergent to remove any traces of insect matter.

Step 5: Air Pressure and Lubrication

Check the air pressure in the tires using the tire Gauge. This little device will go over the vent on the inside edge of the tire, and the other end of the gauge will shoot out. You need to check this several times in order to ensure that you have an accurate reading. Check that your tire pressure is the same as that recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer. If it isn't, then you should add more air at a local gas station. Add lubrication to the wheel bearings, and check for any signs of damage.

When washing your motorcycle, it is important to remember that brakes, engine and muffler should not become too wet. Wet brakes in particular are a hazard, so keep your liquids free from this area. Once you have cleaned your motorcycle, start the engine and check that both it and the brakes are working well.

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