Best Motorcycle Sports tyres

MICHELIN Pilot Road 2* Weight of a set of front and rear MICHELIN Power Pure tyres compared with the weight of the following rival tyres (listed in alphabetical order): Bridgestone BT-016, Dunlop Qualifier 2, Metzeler Sportec M3, Pirelli Diablo Rosso.MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT Tests carried out in October 2009"

MICHELIN Pilot Road 2

A dual-compund sport-touring tyre acclaimed by independent tests*

The MICHELIN Pilot Road 2 has won all the comparison tests carried out by Moto Revue and Motorrad since its launch, and was voted 2009's best motorcycle tyre by readers of RiDE magazine.MICHELIN Pilot Power The Pilot Road 2 offers unbeatable cornering grip in the wet and longer tyre life* thanks to MICHELIN's racing-bred 2CT dual-compound technology.

*The result of DEKRA Test Centre durability and wet-surface grip comparison tests carried out in 2008 and 2009 using the MICHELIN Pilot Road 2 and principal competitors tyre sizes 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17"

MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT

The affordable dual compund sports tyre

The MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT features MICHELIN's dual-compound technology to enable you to lean at angles of up to 51.2 degrees, an unprecedented performance for a road tyre.MICHELIN Pilot Road The Pilot Power 2CT emerged on top in Motorrad's most recent sports tyre tests, and was voted the best sports tyre by RiDE magazine

MICHELIN Pilot Power

The Budget choice for sports bikes

The MICHELIN Pilot Powers benefit from the same material that is used for Michelin’s MotoGP racing tyres but are available at a much more affordable price. For a sports bike you won’t go wrong with a set of Pilot Powers as they are quick to lean and have good levels of handling especially if you enjoy tackling twists on the road.

Available at an unbeatable price in 2010, it stands out as the number one budget choice for your sport bike


The best priced sport-touring radial tyre

The Pilot Road is a popular tyre, and whilst it does not have the same levels of grip and handling as the Metzeler equivalent, it does benefit from a longer life span. This bike tyre is suitable for all weather conditions and performs especially well in the wet, and is also soundly priced for what it offers you. The rear Pilot Road has a softer sidewall which helps the tyres to handle well. For everyday riding the Pilot Roads are a good tyre and are best suited for 600cc bikes

The MICHELIN Pilot Road's balance, attractive price tag and durability make it a sound investment, and the most economical choice for your touring bike or roadster"

MICHELIN Pilot Sporty

A sports tyre for small engined bikes

In addition to its sporty credentials, the MICHELIN Pilot Sporty ensures great grip for small-engined bikes thanks to a semi-slick tread pattern derived from that of MICHELIN's high-performance motorcycle tyres

MICHELIN Pilot Sporty MICHELIN Anakee 2 ICHELIN Pilot Sport

FDL Technology 2PCS BLUE LED Flash Tyre Wheel Valve Cap Light for Car Bike bicycle Motorbicycle Wheel Light Tire Light
Sports (FDL Technology)
  • Single Color Wheel Light, Easy to set
  • More energy-efficient,with light & motion sensors
  • Durable, High Impact, Rust Resistant,Auto shining No switch, 100% waterproof
  • Include:2*LED Flash light
  • Pls note: don t use in freeway
2004-02-08 10:03:17 by theyhangtheir

Always scope for parked chp.

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