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Best Price with Michelin Pilot highway 2 Radial Motorcycle Tire Sport Touring Rear 150 70R17 69W Best Price with tire size feature
  • Best mixture of drenched grip and tread everyday life of any comparable tire, confirmed in independent testing
  • Rider confidence in challenging conditions
  • 12 sizes covering 94% of all sport touring radial fitments
  • The only dual-compound tire in the sport touring segment
  • Innovative front and rear tread designs
  • Listprice : $231.90 Price :$142.04 You Save :

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    2006-12-21 08:22:13 by motocruzer

    Tire mounting and balancing in SEA area

    I have used Renton Motorcycle Center (RMC) for my road bikes. I take the wheels off the bike and take the wheels and tires into RMC. When shopping the area for the best deals, they were better than anyone else in the area.
    If you don't have a floor jack or a stand, they would be useful for the tire change and routine maintenance. You may break even, but you'll have the tools for future use. I use a jack, jack stands, and ties to stablize.
    For off-road tires with tubes, you can change them yourself with some pry bars, rim protectors, and soapy water. Tubeless is much more difficult to break from the rim and get the bead over the rim so the price is worth getting it done.

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