Best Motorcycle Racing Tires

9 April, 2012

by Zack Klapman

These are the faces of Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP team during his battle with Jorge Lorenzo at the 2009 Catalunya race. It is the correct reaction for the battle they just watched in the final 3 laps of the MotoGP Catalunya. Each rider seemed to shut the door on the other, yet passes were found where none thought possible. It. Was. Amazing. Those final moments have been called: “greatest”, “historic”, “genius”, and “impossible.” All those words fit. Jump to watch one of the greatest racing battles, ever.

I think MotoGP is the craziest and most impressive form of racing in the world, second in difficulty only to WRC (due to changing surface conditions and poorly placed trees). Not only do you have to know all the theory of racing-lines, position, braking distances, track theory- but the bike’s performance depends on the physics of your own body. Cars require deft steering input and pedal control, but on a bike, moving your ass half an inch changes the stability and ability of the bike, and to me, that is just incredible.

So when riders take risks beyond what’s considered “normal”- the same as “crazier cage-less great white diving than normal”- it elevates the level of respect and awe to a new height. Lorenzo passes Rossi, Rossi passes Lorenzo, in a triple-digit dance that keeps you on the edge of your seat, expecting someone to back down or low-side. The two riders are teammates on Fiat/Yamaha, so their bikes were almost identical, leaving it all up to their abilities and their balls, balancing on a thin strip of rubber.

Some called Rossi’s actions unnecessary or desperate, but I call them courageous, gutsy, competitively reckless, animal in their extremity. From a career standpoint, Lorenzo (with the Championship lead) didn’t need to pass Rossi – running the risk of crashing – and neither did Rossi. But they did and I applaud that. People that sign up to race motorcycles at this level are a bit reckless, but it’s controlled and focused, like the Human Torch controlling his flame to fly. Like a base-jumper, a land-speed record-breaker, or down-home nut-job Travis Pastrana, the adrenaline is fun for them, it’s probably why they started racing and it’s what they live for.

If only F1 had this kind of passing.

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Chicken Hawk Racing Chicken Hawk Racing Standard Tire Warmers - Superbike CHR ST-SBK-12
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